Keeping Up with Smart Phone Apps

Technology is changing more and more rapidly every day with much of it revolving around our smart phones. Apps are created and released to make our lives more efficient, enjoyable, and sociable throughout our connected society. Unfortunately, app learning is not covered under Medicare supplement plans, so here are some great ones to stay up to do with.



The ever so popular Instagram app is a photo sharing app within an underlying social network. You can follow friends, companies, or interests to see what sort of pictures and short videos they post or advertise, and you can post the same. The app has built in “filters” that allow you to customize the look of the pictures you post, making them looks even more creative and artistic than the original picture itself. It’s a great one to stay connected and entertained.



Snapchat is another photo and video sharing app that’s hugely popular. Just like Instagram, you can share pictures and video, and customize them with special “filters” to change the look and feel. You can also follow friends, celebrities, and companies to see what they are posting. What makes Snapchat different is that nothing that gets posted is permanent. If you send a picture directly to a friend or group, it goes away immediately after they look at it. Or you can post it to your own feed for a period of 24 hours, and then it goes away.



Twitter is another social media app designed for people to post, or “tweet”, short messages about something they’re thinking about in particular. You can follow friends, celebrities, companies, and interests just like the other apps, and see exactly what kind of content they’re posting live and interact with them if you’d like. You can also add pictures to your tweets.

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Skype is a great app for making phone calls over the internet, or more importantly, for making video calls over the internet. If you’re far away from friends or family, use the Skype app to do a video call and be able to physically see them through your phone on the call. It practically puts you right in the room with them.



Uber is the modern day taxi hailing service right from your smart phone. Rather than waiting on the curb trying to flag down a taxi, or having to carry cash to pay the driver for the ride and tip, Uber allows you to request a ride from wherever you are and pay for it through the app without any cash needed. You can see where the driver is on the map and you can follow where you go on the map throughout the trip.